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Arma members, Summer 2017

Summer 2017- A.R.M.A. group: Nima, Giuseppe,  Colette, Nabil, Rashid, Andrew, Long

Fall 2014 - A.R.M.A. group: Long, Zhangshi, Nima, Giuseppe, Haoran, Nabil, Rajarshi, Rashid, Jason
Fall 2014

Spring 2011

Summer 2010

Summer 2009

Fall 2008

Spring 2006

Summer 2005

Lab Director:

Professor Nabil Simaan

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +1-615-343-0470
Olin Hall Room 405
2400 Highland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37212


Graduate Students

Long Wang's 2013 shot giuseppe
Long Wang Nima Sarli Giuseppe
Rashid Yasin
Rashid M. Yasin Andrew Orekhov Colette Abah


Ph.D. Alumni

Dr. Haoran Yu
(Ph.D. 2016)

Jason Pile
(Ph.D. 2015)

Dr. Andrea Bajo
(Ph.D. 2013)

Dr. Roger Goldman
(Ph.D. 2011)

Dr. Wei Wei
(Ph.D. 2010)

Dr Jian Zhang
(Ph.D. 2010)

Dr. Kai Xu
(Ph.D. 2009)

M. Sc. Alumni

Zhangshi Liu

Aditya Bhomwick

Sam Bhattacharyya

Kyoko Yoshida

Michael Fernandez

Shuaimin Liu

Saleem Hamid

Yayi Lin

Jagreet Baghasingh

James Beck

Undergraduate Students

Hilmi Mustafa

Garrison Johnston
(2015 & 2016)

Seonghoon Noh
(2015 & 2016)


Gregorio Aiello
Politechnico Di Milano (2016)

Abdullah Azzam
American University of Beirut (2013)
Giuiseppe Del-Giudice

Long Wang
Columbia University (2010)
wael saab
Wael Saab
American University
of Beirut (2011)

Francesco Senni
University of Pisa

Andrea Bajo
University of Rome (2007)

High School Students

Ellie Fitzpatrick

Yixian Su

Frank Jiang

Post-Doc Alumni

Dr Rajarshi Roy

Dr Jienan Ding

Dr Yoshua Chen

Dr Alessio Salerno

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