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1) ME8331 Robot Manipulators: (to be
offered Spring 2017)

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:10PM-2:00PM

Location: Olin Hall 135

This newly revised course will build on the background obtained in the recently revised Intro to Robotics (ME271) course. The course is highly recommended for graduate students in robotics disciplines (EE/CS and ME alike). Also, I will consider recent undergraduate seniors who took ME271 in fall 2012 provided that their grade achievements and current ME271 instructor feedback suggest that they are able to deal with a graduate-level course.

2) ME2160 Introduction to Design (also know as introduction to computer graphics and design):

This is a new design course I introduced to the Vanderbilt ME curriculum. I offered this course for the first time in Fall 2013. The course is the first course in the design sequence and it introduces students to basic concepts of design methodology, technical drawing and graphics communication and computer-aided design. The course includes an extensive introduction to Creo (formerly Pro/Engineer) as a computer aided design tool.

This course is designed to provide students with the necessary skills in Computer Graphics and Design. The focus of the course will be technical drawing for Mechanical Engineers while covering freehand sketching, 3D modeling of parts, managing assemblies, dimensioning, generating multi-view and production drawings, including basic considerations for manufacturing and specifications of dimensional tolerances, generating flexible (re-usable) and robust 3D designs that are compatible for re-design and current design methodologies in industry, generating assembly animations.

3) Introduction to Medical Robotics: (Offered Fall 2012)

This course is for Senior undergraduate and for Graduate students interested in an introductory level course to medical robotics. This new course presents a unique opportunity for students to learn and apply a wide array of design and analysis skills specifically focused on the design of surgical instruments and on the integration of new tools and robots in the surgical workflow.

Please see the following page for course details.

4) Advanced Topics in Robotics and Mechanism Synthesis (offered Spring 2012):

Graduate students at Vanderbilt are encouraged to look into the description of the course Advanced Topics in Robotics and Mechanism Synthesis, which was first offered at Vanderbilt in Spring 2011.


5) ME2190 Dynamics: (Offered in Spring 2012, Spring 2015)

This course is a sophomore class designed to introduce students to the basics of rigid body dynamics including kinematics (study of motion) and kinetics (study of motion and forces causing motion).

Past Courses:

The following courses were offered at Columbia University. Dr. Simaan will be designing new courses at Vanderbilt

MECE 3408 Introduction to
Computer Graphics and Design
MECE 3409 Introduction to
Computer Aided Machine Design
MECS 6614 Advanced Topics in
Robotics and Mechanism Synthesis
MECE E4602 Introduction
to Robotics


Same in scope as MECE E3998,
but minimal is 3.2 minimum.

MECE E9001

Typically I offer 1-2 masters students
per semster the oppertunity to
participate in the ongoing research
in my lab.


MECE E3998
Undergraduate research projects