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The National Institute of Health has funded ARMA lab with a new 5-year R01 award titled "Ocular Therapeutic Delivery through Real-time Endoscopic
B-scan OCT-guided Tools and Robotic Assistance". This award is a collaboration with Dr. Karen Joost and Dr. Jin-Hui Shen of the VUMC Eye institute and it focuses on developing new technologies for enabling accurate interventions and drug delivery within the eye by using a combination of optical coherence tomography (OCT) guidance and robotics. 


Nima Sarli has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation titled "Design, Modeling and Control of Continuum Robots and Dexterous Wrists with Applications to Transurethral Bladder Cancer Resection". Nima's dissertation presented the first methodical modeling and experimental characterization of transurethral bladder tumor resection. He also presented a unique and first dexterous tele-robotic system for transurethral bladder tumor resection - including evaluation in live animals.

Nima has joined AURIS Health and will be working on their next generation surgical systems. ARMA lab wishes him continued success.  


Congratulations to Nicolo Garbin of STORM lab and Long Wang of ARMA lab for winning ISMR2018 best student paper (IEEE International Symposium on Medical Robotics). The award was given for the paper titled "A Disposable Continuum Endoscope Using Piston-driven Parallel Bellow Actuator" by Nicolo Garbin, Long Wang, James H. Chandler, Nabil Simaan, Keith L. Obstein and Pietro Valdastri.  


Congratulations to ARMA members Nima and Giuseppe. The paper titled "TURBot - Preliminary Evaluation of Robotic Dexterous Bladder Tumor Resection" recieved the best paper award in the 2018 Engineering and Urology Society conference. The authors are Nima Sarli, Giuseppe Del Giudice, Smita De, S. Duke Herrell and Nabil Simaan. 


Congratulations for Rashid Yasin, Long Wang and Colette Abah for having their paper titled "Using Continuum Robots for Force-Controlled Semi Autonomous Organ Exploration and Registration" nominated for best conference paper at the IEEE International Symposium on Medical Robotics. 



Congratulations for Colette Abah and Andrew Orekhov for having their paper accepted and presented at IEEE International Conference on Robotics & Automation 2018 held in Brisbane Australia.