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  • Master's Student
  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University, 2010
  • Primary Project: Global Stiffness Exploration and Constraint Identification
  • Will be working on Sustainable development projects in Mexico for the Peace Corps, after graduation
Research Interests
  • Space robotics
  • Stiffness, Bracing and Grasping
  • Artificial Intelligence

Current Projects

  • Global Stiffness Exploration and Constraint Identification
Previous Projects


Personal Interests

  • Electric Bass - Played for 3 years, and have been playing music for 14 years
  • Volunteering - Hands on Nashville, Habitat for Humanity, NYC office of Recycling
  • Currently Learning Chinese and French
  • Working out
  • Kittens - are adorable, it doesn't bother me to say that






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  • Sam Bhattacharyya, Jon Weisz., Peter K. Allen, “Design of a Highly Under-Actuated Three Fingered Robotic Hand Utilizing Pin joints” (2010), Submitted for ICRA 2011, IEEE conference on Surgical Robotics
  • Zhang, J., Bhattacharyya, S., Simaan, N., “Model and Parameter Identification of Friction during Robotic Insertion of Cochlear Implant Electrode arrays” (2008), ICRA ‘09, IEEE conference on Surgical Robotics