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February 25 2009: Jian Zhan recieves IEEE ICRA Travel award. Congratulations Jian.

Dr. Jienan (Jayson) Ding joined ARMA lab in June 2008 as a post-doctoral scientist with a primary appointmet in the department of Surgery. Dr. Ding recieved his Ph.D. from Tianjin Universiuty in 2008. His research is focused on the NIH-funded project titled "Image Guided In Vivo Tooling Platform for Minimal Access Surgery". See the following link for description of the project.

Siemens Science Day 2007

Lab members Wei Wei and Kai Xu participated as instructors in Columbia University's collaborative Siemens Science Day. Columbia hosted more than 1300 students and parents with workshops promoting math and science education. The ARMA Lab demonstrated surgical robotics by allowing the students to practice in a mock robotic surgical setup. Below, Wei Wei looks on as a student attemps a robotic maneuver.

Columbia News Article: Siemens Science Day, October 24, 2007

Welcome Youhua

Dr. Youhua Chen joined ARMA lab on March 15 2008 as a post-doctoral scientist. His research is focused on the design, control, and automation scheduling of an autonomous automation system for high-throughput biodosimetry. See the Biodosimetry Project description for detail.

Professors Nabil Simaan (ME Department) and Peter Allen (CS Department) recently recieved an NIH grant together with Dennis Fowler. This $1.2M 3-year NIH grant is titled “Image Guided In Vivo Tooling Platform for Minimal Access Surgery”.The goal of the grant is to support research on novel image-guidded robotic-assisted surgical approaches to Less Invasive Surgery (LIS). This research project will study the design, telemanipulation control, image-guidasnce, and the efficacy of of novel flexible snake-like robots for single-port surgery.

The preliminary work for this project was carried out at ARMA with the participation of Ph.D. student Kai Xu.

Dr. Alessio Salerno left ARMA in December 15, 2007. He left ARMA to join the Canadian Space Agency where he has joined their space-robotics effort. ARMA members express their gratitude for his hard work during the period he served as a post-doc in the lab. Below is a picture of Alessio's farewell party.

Good luck Alessio :-)