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Congratulations to Rashid Yasin for successfully passing his Ph.D. prelims (commonly known as the qualifying exams). We look forward to seeing him prosper as a Ph.D. student at ARMA.

ARMA members congratulate Aditya Bhowmick for his new job as a software engineer at Think Surgical in Freemont CA. Aditya will be helping develop the next generation of surgical robotics for orthopedics. 
Congratulations Aditya :-)

Aditya Bhomwick has successfully defended his Masters thesis on June 20 2014. His Master's thesis is titled "User-Specified Virtual Fixtures for Augmenting Human-Robot Interaction User-Specified Virtual Fixtures". His thesis presents a culmination of work on high-level control allowing users to specify virtual fixture geometry in both cooperative manipulation and in telemanipulated robots.  Congratulations to Aditya for a job well done. Vidoes of demonstrations of some of his work can bee seen at this link.

ARMA team members and students wish Jason the best of luck with his career. He has already a good start since he immediately Joined the research & development team of Intuitive Surgical at Sunnyvale CA. Good luck Jason :-).

Dr. Rajarshi Roy joined ARMA lab. Rajarshi is a former Ph.D. student of Dr. Jaydev Desai and a member of the Robotics Automation and Medical Systems (RAMS) Laboratory. His research in the past five years has focused on mechanical characterization of tissue properties at the micro-scale and semi-automation of tissue hystology using atomic force microscopy. His research culminated in a dissertation titled Mechanical Characterization of Normal and Cancerous Breast Tissue Specimens Using Atomic Force Microscopy.


Rajarshi is joining the National Robotics Initiative research project titled Complementary Situational Awareness for Human-Robot Partnerships. We are thrilled that he has chosen to join our team and we look forward to his contributions to several research efforts at ARMA.

Nima Sarli's paper titled "Characterization of Resection Dexterity in Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumors: a Kinematic Study" has been accepted for publication in IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2015. Nima also passed his Ph.D. qualifying exam. Congratualtions to Nima!.