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Congratulations to the NRI collabnorative student team from Vanderbilt, CMU and JHU. The following papers have been accepted for publication in the upcoming IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA' 2016) in Stockholm, Sweden:

  1. Roy, R., Wang, L., Simaan, N., “Investigation of Effects of Dynamics on Intrinsic Wrench Sensing in Continuum Robots”.
  2. Chalasani, P., Wang, L., Roy, R., Simaan, N., Taylor, R.H., Kobilarov, M., “Concurrent Nonparametric Estimation of Organ Geometry and Tissue Stiffness Using Continuous Adaptive Palpation”.
  3. Srivatsan, A.,  Ayvali, E., Wang, L., Roy, R., Simaan, N., Choset, H., “Complementary Model Update: A Method for Simultaneous Registration and Stiffness Mapping in Flexible Environments”.
  4. Ayvali, E., Srivatsan, A., Wang, L. Roy, R., Simaan, N., Choset, H., “Using Bayesian Optimization to Guide Probing of a Flexible Environment for Simultaneous Registration and Stiffness Mapping”.