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Continuum Robots for Multi-Scale Manipulation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nabil Simaan   
Tuesday, 22 September 2015 16:08

This NSF funded project is designed to demonstrate a new class of continuum robots capable of multi-scale manipulation; that is, the ability to achieve large motion with millimetric precision and to achieve small motion with micrometer-scale precision. In contrast, existing robots are typically designed to function properly only at a single functional length scale. The envisioned class of robots will provide micro-precision while traversing macroscale sinuous pathways to access the operational site. Potential benefits include precise tissue reconstruction and complete surgical eradication of tumors. Such robots will also enable new abilities for micro-manufacturing, leading to greatly improved quality-control inspection methods for micro-fluidic and microelectromechanical devices mass-manufactured on large substrates.


Active Personnel:

  • Haoran Yu 2015-present
  • Giuseppe-Del-Giudice
  • Rashid Yasin
  • Long Wang



  • Dr. Jin-Hui Shen - Department of Ophthalmology
  • Dr. Karen Joos - Department of Ophthalmology
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