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The following are some shoots of the ARMAdillos outside the lab ;-). Click on each image to see it bigger. Enjoy'em!

May 2011 - ICRA '11, Shanghai, China

It tastes like zucchini (top left) - Haoran, Haoran's mom, Jason, Andrea, and Nabil (cameraman) at Haoran's in Shanghai. Best Chinese food ever! Chinese wedding 1 (top center and top right) - A robotics delegation at Kai's wedding. Chinese guides get lost (bottom left) - Not-very-prepared-chinese-guide Haoran trying to show us around. Randomly got into a animal-flea market.

April 2011 - Monell's

Monell's is a family-style-eat-until-you-explode diner in German town, Nashville, TN. The following are some shoots of very stuffed Andrea, Nabil, Jason, and Roger.

July 2010 - Wei's and Jian's graduation dinner

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