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This project has been completed in August 2010.

Active Personnel:

  • Youhua Chen (Post Doc, starting 3/15/2008)
  • Alessio Salerno (Post-doc 2005-2007)
  • Anubha Bhatla ( MRL ) (2005-2008)
  • Honglian Wang ( MRL )
  • Jian Zhang

This project is an ongoing collaboration between RARAF and the Mechanical Engineering Departmet (ARMA and MRL) on an NIH funded project (Principal Investigator David Brenner) .

Our goal is to develop a fully automated ultra-high throughput radiation biodosimetry workstation, using purpose-built robotics with customized gripper and advanced automatic high-speed liquid handling system.  This workstaion is desired to be able to test a large scale radiological exposure on the order of 30,000 individuals per day.

Figure 1: An Overview of the High Throughput Workstation

A key facet of the system will be that each individual¡¯s whole blood sample will be split into two, with one of the two split samples being irradiated to a dose of 1.8 Gy, before being analyzed. Two lymphocyte samples for the same person will be taken from the whole blood by centrifugation. This will allow a positive control for each individual, providing an internal calibration to take into account inter-individual variability in radiosensitivity.

Our Specific Aims, which will run in parallel throughout the project, are
1) Product development/System integration
2) The optimization/calibration/testing of biological protocols. 
Current work has mainly focused on customized robot gripper design, multi-capillary centrfuge bucket design, centrifuge programming, imaging, laser cutting stage design, robot path planning, and making liquid-handeling protocol for the samples.

Figure 2 shows a working prototype of our Phase I system. This system is capable of handeling 6000 samples/day without human intervention.

Figure 2: Phase I prototye system capable of handeling 6000 samples/day


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