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Year: 2016

  • Srivatsan, A., Ayvali, E., Wang, L., Roy, R., Simaan, N. & Choset, H (2016). Complementary model update: A method for simultaneous registration and stiffness mapping in flexible environments. In International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA’2016), pages 924-930. [More] [Online version]

Year: 2015

  • Pitt, B., Simaan, N. & Barth, E (2015). An Investigation Of Stiffness Modulation Limits In A Pneumatically Actuated Parallel Robot With Actuation Redundancy. In ASME/BATH 2015 Symposium on Fluid Power and Motion Control. [More]
  • Simaan, N., Taylor, R. H. & Choset, H. (2015). Intelligent Surgical Robots with Situational Awareness: from Good to Great Surgeons. ASME Dynamic Systems Magazine(3), 2. [More]
  • Yu, H., Shen, J.-H., Shah, R. J., Simaan, N. & Joos, K. M. (2015). Evaluation of microsurgical tasks with OCT-guided and/or robot-assisted ophthalmic forceps. Biomedical Optics Express, 6(2), 457-472. [More] [Online version]
  • Marien, T., Sarli, N., Mitchell, C. R., Del Giudice, G., Simaan, N. & Herrell, S. D (2015). Surgeon Resection Performance DuringTransurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor (TURBT): A Quantified Study. In 30th annual meeting of Engineering and Urology Society. [More] [Online version]
  • Sarli, N., Marien, T., Herrell, S. D. & Simaan, N (2015). Characterization of resection dexterity in transurethral resection of bladder tumor: A kinematic study. In IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, pages 5324 - 5329. [More] [Online version]
  • Groom, K., Wang, L., Simaan, N. & Netterville, J. L. (2015). Robot- Assisted Trans-nasal Laryngoplasty in Cadaveric Models: Quantifying Forces and Identifying Challenges. The Laryngoscope, 125(5), 166-168. [More] [Online version]
  • Simaan, N., Taylor, R., Flint, P., Chirikjian, G. & Stein, D. (2015). Devices, systems and methods for minimally invasive surgery of the throat and other portions of mammalian body. US patent #9089354. [More]

Year: 2014

  • Ding, J. & Simaan, N. (2014). Choice of Handedness and Automated Suturing for Anthropomorphic Dual-arm Surgical Robots. Robotica. [More]
  • Bhomwick, A. (2014). User-Specified Virtual Fixtures for Augmenting Human-Robot Interaction. Master Thesis, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. [More]
  • Groom, K., Wang, L., Simaan, N. & Netterville, J. L (2014). Robot-Assisted Trans-Nasal Laryngoplasty in Cadaveric Models: Quantifying Forces and Identifying Challenges. In Combined Otolaryngology Society Meeting (COSM). Las Vegas, Nevada. [More]
  • Pile, J., Wanna, G. B. & Simaan, N (2014). Force-based flexible path plans for robotic electrode insertion. In Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2014 IEEE International Conference on, pages 297 - 303. Hong Kong. [More] [Online version]
  • Yu, H., Shah, R. J., Shen, J.-H., Joos, K. M. & Simaan, N (2014). Preliminary Evaluation of a Robotic Retinal Surgical Manipulator. In 2014 The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Annual Conference (ARVO'2014). [More]
  • Dharamsi, L., Bajo, A., Netterville, J. L., Garrett, G. & Simaan, N. (2014). Evaluation of a Telerobotic System for Transnasal Surgery of the Larynx and Airways in Cadavers. Otology Head & Neck Surgery, 151(1), 107-111. [More]
  • Pile, J., Simaan, N., Sweeney, A., Kumar, S. & Wanna, G. B (2014). Detection of Modiolar Proximity through Bi-Polar Impedance Measurements. In 50th Annual Spring Meeting of the American Neurotology Society. Boston, MA. [More]
  • Rohani, P., Pile, J., Kahrs, L., Balachandran, R., Blachon, G., Simaan, N. et al. (2014). Forces and Trauma Associated with Minimally-Invasive, Image-Guided Cochlear Implantation. Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, 150(4), 638-45. [More]
  • Srivatsan, A. & Choset, H. (2014). Using Lie algebra for shape estimation of medical snake robots. IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2014), 2014, 3483-3488. [More] [Online version]
  • Herrell, S. D., Webster, R. J. & Simaan, N. (2014). Future robotic platforms in urologic surgery: Recent Developments. Current Opinion in Urology, 24(1), 118-126. [More]
  • Goldman, R. E., Bajo, A. & Simaan, N. (2014). Compliant Motion Control for Multi-Segment Continuum Robots with Actuation Force Sensing. IEEE Transactions on Robotics. [More]
  • Pickens, R. B., Bajo, A., Simaan, N. & Herrell, S. D. (2014). A Pilot Ex-Vivo Evaluation of a Telerobotic System for Transurethral Intervention and Surveillance. Journal of Endourology. [More]
  • Wang, L. & Simaan, N (2014). Investigation of Error Propagation in Multi-Backbone Continuum Robots. In Advances in Robot Kinematics, pages 385-394. Springer International Publishing. [More] [Online version]
  • Pile, J. & Simaan, N. (2014). Modeling, Design, and Evaluation of a Wire-driven Parallel Robot for Cochlear Implant Surgery. IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 19(6), 1746-1755. [More] [Online version]
  • Goldman, R. E., Bajo, A. & Simaan, N. (2014). Compliant Motion Control for Multisegment Continuum Robots With Actuation Force Sensing. IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 1-13. [More] [Online version]

Year: 2013

  • Goldman, R. E., Bajo, A., MacLachlan, L. S., Pickens, R. B., Herrell, S. D. & Simaan, N. (2013). Design and Performance Evaluation of a Minimally Invasive Telerobotic Platform for Transurethral Surveillance and Intervention. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 60(4), 918-925. [More] [Online version]
  • Bajo, A. (2013). Control, Sensing, and Telemanipulation of Surgical Continuum Robots. Phd Thesis, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. [More]
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