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Year: 2010

  • Zhang, J. (2010). Design of Steerable Electrode Arrays and Optimal Insertion Path Planning for Robot-Assisted Cochlear Implant Surgeries. Phd Thesis, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University, New York City, NY. [More]
  • Ding, J., Xu, K., Goldman, R. E., Allen, P., Fowler, D. & Simaan, N (2010). Design, Simulation and Evaluation of Kinematic Alternatives for Insertable Robotic Effectors Platforms in Single Port Access Surgery. In Robotics, . & Automation (editors), pages 1053-1058. Anchorage, AK. [More] [Full text]
  • Zhang, J., Wei, W., Ding, J., Roland, J. T., Manolidis, S. & Simaan, N. (2010). Inroads towards Robot-Assisted Cochlear Implant Surgery Using Steerable Electrode Arrays. Otology & Neurotology, 31(8), 1199-1206. [More]
  • Xu, K. & Simaan, N. (2010). Intrinsic Wrench Estimation and its Performance Index for Multi Segment Continuum Robots. IEEE Transaction on Robotics, 26(3), 555-561. [More]
  • Xu, K. & Simaan, N. (2010). Analytic Formulation for Kinematics, Statics and Shape Restoration of Multi-Backbone Continuum Robots via Elliptic Integrals. ASME Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, 2(1), 011006-1,011006-. [More] [Full text]
  • Wei, W. & Simaan, N. (2010). Design of Planar Parallel Robots with Preloaded Flexures for Guaranteed Backlash Prevention. ASME Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, 2(1). [More]
  • Wei, W., Popplewell, C. & Simaan, N. (2010). Enabling Technology for Micro-Vascular Stenting in Ophthalmic Surgery. ASME Journal of Medical Devices, 4(1). [More] [Full text]
  • Simaan, N., Wei, W., Goldman, R., Fine, H. & Chang, S. (2010). Systems, devices, and methods for surgery on a hollow anatomically suspended organ. US patent #20100010504 A1. [More]
  • Zhang, J., Salerno, A., Simaan, N., Yao, Y. L., Randers-Pehrson, G., Garty, G. et al. (2010). Systems and methods for robotic transport. US patent #7787681. [More]
  • Garty, G., Brenner, D. J., Randers-Pehrson, G., Yao, Y. L., Simaan, N., Salerno, A. et al. (2010). Systems and methods for high-throughput radiation biodosimetry,. US patent #7822249. [More]

Year: 2009

  • Roland, J. T., Zhang, J., Manolidis, S. & Simaan, N (2009). Progress Towards A Robotically Inserted Cochlear Implant Electrode. In 12th Symposium on Cochlear Implants in Children, Seattle,. [More]
  • Simaan, N., Manolidis, S. & Roland, J. T (2009). Inroads towards a robotically inserted CI electrode development. In 9th European Symposium of Paediatric Cochlear Implantation. [More]
  • Fine, H., Wei, W., Chang, S. & Simaan, N (2009). A novel dual-arm dexterous ophthalmic microsurgical robot: applications for retinal vascular cannulation and stent deployment. In American Society of Retinal Specialists, Retina Congress 2009, New York, NY, Sept 4-Oct 4. [More]
  • Xu, K. (2009). Design, Modeling and Analysis of Continuum Robots as Surgical Assistants with Intrinsic Sensory Capabilities. Phd Thesis, Columbia University). [More]
  • Hamid, S. A. & Simaan, N (2009). Design and Synthesis of Wire-Actuated Universal-Joint Wrists for Surgical Applications. In 2009 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, pages 1807-1831. Kobe, Japan. [More] [Full text]
  • Zhang, J., Bhattacharyya, S. & Simaan, N (2009). Model and Parameter Identification of Friction during Robotic Insertion of Cochlear-Implant Electrode Arrays. In 2009 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, pages 3859-3864. Kobe, Japan. [More] [Full text]
  • Xu, K., Goldman, R. E., Ding, J., Allen, P., Fowler, D. & Simaan, N (2009). System Design of an Insertable Robotic Effector Platform for Single Port Access (SPA) Surgery. In 2009 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, pages 5546-5552. St. Louis, USA. [More] [Full text]
  • Simaan, N., Xu, K., Wei, W., Kapoor, A., Kazanzides, P., Flint, P. et al. (2009). Design and Integration of a Telerobotic System for Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Throat. The International Journal of Robotics Research, 28(9), 1134-1153. [More]
  • Zhang, J., Roland, J. T., Manolidis, S. & Simaan, N. (2009). Optimal Path Planning for Robotic Insertion of Steerable Electrode Arrays in Cochlear Implant Surgery. ASME Journal on Medical Devices, 3(1), 011001- 0110010. [More]
  • Wei, W., Goldman, R. E., Fine, H., Chang, S. & Simaan, N. (2009). Performance Evaluation for Multi-Arm Manipulation of Hollow Suspended Organs. IEEE Transaction on Robotics, 25(1), 147-157. [More]

Year: 2008

  • Hillel, A., Kapoor, A., Simaan, N., Taylor, R. H. & Flint, P. (2008). Applications of Robotics for Laryngeal Surgery. Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America, Nasir Bhatti & Ralph P. Tufano Eds, 41(4), 781-791. [More]
  • Xu, K. & Simaan, N. (2008). An Investigation of the Intrinsic Force Sensing of Continuum Robots. IEEE Transaction on Robotics, 23(3). [More] [Full text]

Year: 2007

  • Simaan, N., Taylor, R. H., Hillel, A. & Flint, P (2007). Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Upper Airways: Addressing the Challenges of Dexterity Enhancement in Confined Spaces_1. Nova Science Publishing. [More]
  • Garty, G., Randers-Pehrson, G., Simaan, N., Salerno, A., A., D., J., N. et al (2007). Development of an ultrahigh-throughput robotically-based biodosimetry workstation using in-situ assays. In 13th International Congress of Radiation Research, San Francisco, California, July 8-12, 2007. [More]
  • Reichert, S., Zhang, J., Xu, K., Simaan, N. & Manolidis, S (2007). Robotic insertion of cochlear implant electrodes to minimize cochlear trauma. In 6th European Congress of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery., Vienna, Austria, Jun. 2007. [More]
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